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Design  CHLE design overhead Gantry Cranes, monorails, fixed position hoists and Jibs whether they be standard or special purpose. Cranes can be tailor made to meet specific requirements. Installation  CHLE can install overhead Gantry Cranes, monorails and fixed position hoists.  We HLE will ensure you are provided with the most efficient and effective way to transport materials. Manufacture  CHLE have the ability and expertise to design, manufacture and install cranes and hoists for business in Canberra and the surrounding region.  Service  CHLE service overhead gantry cranes, monorails, fixed position hoists and jibs.  We can provide information on predictive maintenance actions to improve the reliability and safety of your cranes.  Any potential safety issues or threats to productivity will be identified upon inspection and we will work with you to ensure your crane complies with the Australian standard. Repairs  CHLE are experts in the repair of problems which may affect the productivity of overhead gantry cranes, monorails, fixed position hoists and jibs.  CHLE will professionally repair your crane to reduce delays in production time, improve personal safety and ensure your crane is compliant to local regulations. Break down service  CHLE offers a break down service including after hours assistance if required.  We understand the importance of having equipment operating effectively and will work with your schedule to find a suitable time to fulfil your planned repair needs.
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