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Anchor Points  Roof anchors are necessary when work is to be carried out near an unprotected edge where guardrails have not been installed and CHLE are able to provide and install a suitable anchor point for all roof profiles whether the roof be pitched or flat.  Anchor points can be fixed to the roof structure or mounted directly on to the metal roof sheeting itself. CHLE supply and install anchor points to suit all types of roofs eg tile / metal deck on timber or steel structure. CHLE also install and load test anchor points on various wall structures and materials including concrete. CHLE's anchor points meet the Australian Standard and all applicable state laws.  Static Lines  CHLE supply and install static lines which can be mounted to all types of anchor points.  Ladders  CHLE supply and install a variety of modular and roof access ladders both internal and external, fixed and temporary. These include rung, step and attic ladders and are all sturdy and durable, constructed and installed to the highest standard.  Fixed rung ladders are used when it is necessary to safely access elevated areas such as roof tops and maintenance platforms. Fixed rung ladders may need to be equipped with a Vertical Line Fall Arrest System to make it compliant with legislated height safety requirements. Inspection  CHLE are qualified to carry out inspections on various types of ladder systems, walkways, hand rails, guardrails, anchor points and static lines to ensure correct lay out and installation in accordance with manufacturers specifications and to ensure they meet state regulations and legislated safety requirements. Temporary Safety Systems  CHLE can supply and install temporary safety systems that installed and dismantled in accordance with the construction or maintenance process being undertaken. CHLE can provide a range of temporary anchors that ensure effective fall protection and fall prevention when working at heights. Temporary anchors are designed for workers who need to perform tasks such as roof construction, or air conditioning and gutter maintenance when there are no permanent roof anchors in place. These temporary anchors are used in conjunction with fall prevention and protection equipment and offer the same standard of height safety as permanent roof anchors. Personal Protective Equipment  CHLE provide a wide range of personal protective equipment to suit your needs including harnesses, energy absorbers, lanyards, rescue kits just to name a few. To ensure you are provided with the right equipment CHLE will undertake a thorough selection process by evaluating the performance requirements of the PPE for undertaking the safety risk involved. All personal protective equipment must be suitable when taking into account the nature of the work with any potential associated hazard. CHLE can maintain, repair and replace all PPE as required.
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